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AnswerThePublic is a keyword research tool that provides companies and individuals with trending keywords, questions, and phrases related to your chosen topic. It uses search engines like Google to help generate new ideas for written content, product development, and forecast relevant trends for your audience. 

This AnswerThePublic review will explore the price range, pros and cons, and ideal users for their services. 

Quick Facts About AnswerThePublic

ServicesKeyword Research Search Listening Alerts
Pricing Level$$ = $500 or less per month
Pricing OverviewFreeMonthly - $99/monthAnnual - $79/monthExpert -  $199/month

AnswerThePublic’s Services

Keyword Research The AnswerThePublic tool uses a search tool that provides a visual representation of suggested autocomplete searches in the form of questions and phrases. You can also view related categories and export this data. 
Search Listening Alerts To help you track trends and changes in brand perception, AnswerthePublic allows Pro users to receive weekly emails containing new queries being asked around your topic. 

AnswerThePublic’s Pros and Cons

Easy to use for beginners and those unfamiliar with SEOLacks detailed keyword metrics like keyword difficulty 
Offers a free plan to try out featuresThe free plan only allows 3 daily searches
Results can be downloaded and exported in a CSV fileLacks keyword search volume data 
Keyword visualization is unique Pricing can be rather expensive for smaller businesses 
Filters results according to prepositions and comparisons The location feature is only available in the Pro version
Can generate high res images for pitchesThe number of users is limited depending on your plan unless you choose the Expert option
Priority customer support is offered for the Pro planThe annual plan has to be paid upfront to avail of the discount 
Provides free education package to understand the tool in the form of an ebook and video courseOnly includes results from Google and Bing

Who Should Use AnswerThePublic?

Although it is a good starting point for keyword and idea generation, the Answer the Public tool is not the best fit for everyone when it comes to value for money and the set of features that it offers.

It is the best fit for:

  • Bloggers Who Want Content Ideas - Writers looking for trending topics relevant to their niche will appreciate this question-generating tool but may want to use the free version unless they create a large volume of content. 
  • Public Relations Teams Who Want Insights - The alert feature can come in handy for those who want to react to any positive or negative changes in terms of search habits in terms of brand or product name. 
  • Content Marketers Who Want to Save Time - AnswerthePublic can let marketers filter out relevant topics in a concise visual format instead of using a tool that provides a long list of individual keywords. 
  • SEO Strategists Who Want to Spot Gaps - This tool can help SEO experts identify gaps in existing content and discover unexpected keywords and niche topics that can boost organic traffic 

AnswerThePublic Verdict

Ultimately, the Answer The Public tool is extremely useful and easy to use when it comes to keyword research and brainstorming new ideas that you may not have come up with otherwise. The mind maps and visual representations of themes offer a bite-sized means of digesting this data that isn’t typically found in other keyword research tools.

It is a good fit for content marketers, small business owners, and bloggers seeking to understand their target audience and spot current and future trends related to their niche. On the other hand, it is also limited to the range of features that it currently offers.

In terms of pricing, the subscription fee can be viewed as a little high for users seeking unlimited searches. Other users may also feel that it lacks the technical features that are available with other SEO or keyword tools at a similar price point. Because of this, it is worth using the free version beforehand to test its suitability for your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions About AnswerThePublic

Below are a few commonly asked questions about AnswerThePublic.

Who Are AnswerThePublic’s Top Competitors?

AnswerThePublic’s main competitors include other SEO-related tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz Pro. 

Is AnswerThePublic free to use?

While the Answer the Public tool has a free option with limited daily searches, the Pro plan offers unlimited searches and more extensive features. 

How much is AnswerThePublic Pro?

The cost of AnswerThePublic Pro is $99 per month, but if you buy their annual plan, you can save 20% off since it costs you $79 per month. They also offer an Expert plan for $199 a month for teams. 

AnswerThePublic Alternatives

If you’re looking for something similar to AnswerThePublic, good alternative options include Semrush, Ahrefs, and MozPro: 

  • SEMrush - One of the most powerful SEO tools on the market today is SEMrush. It allows you to access accurate search volume metrics, identify keyword gaps, search for long-tail keywords, and filter searches by country. However, the user interface can be more complex if you don’t have prior SEO knowledge. They also offer a free trial.  
  • Ahrefs - While AnswerThePublic provides a stronger questions feature, Ahrefs has an effective difficulty metric tool that allows you to determine how many backlinks you will need to rank for in order to achieve your goal. Despite this, the user interface can be improved since it doesn’t appear as modern as other keyword tools. 
  • MozPro - While the cost of MozPro is higher than average, it is easy to use and has strong keyword accuracy. However, you can’t integrate the data with Google Sheets, and it is limited to English international keyword results. It also doesn’t provide monthly keyword data, but it does allow you to save keyword lists for later. 

To sum it up, our AnswerThePublic review shows that while their keyword research tool has its own unique strengths, such as effective keyword visualization, and question and topic generation, it might not be the right fit for everyone. Ideally, it would be used with other keyword research tools to supplement this data since it can be improved in other aspects. 

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