Keywords Everywhere Review: Services, Pricing, And More

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Keywords Everywhere is an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve their keyword research with ease. This tool is so great because it has its Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension, which can be integrated into any browser. Furthermore, Keywords Everywhere is free up to a point but still has all the features and functions that make it so powerful.

If you are a content creator or small business owner, you can benefit significantly from a Keywords Everywhere extension. Keep reading our Keywords Everywhere review and what this tool can do for you.

Quick Facts About Keywords Everywhere

ServicesFree Version:Trend ChartsKeyword WidgetsTraffic MetricsMoz Link MetricsYouTube MetricsCompetitor Gap AnalysisOn-Page Analysis
Paid Version (add-ons)Cost-Per-Click (CPC)Search VolumeCompetition Numbers
Pricing Level$$$ = $1,000 or less (at most) but pricing is pay-as-you-go.
Pricing OverviewKeywords Everywhere’s pricing is dependent on the number of credits you want. One credit is to one keyword. 
$10 for 100,000 credits$50 for 500,000 credits$100 for 1 million credits$200 for 2 million credits$500 for 5 million credits$1000 for 10 million credits
Credits are valid for one year.

Keywords Everywhere’s Services

Trend ChartsUsers can access monthly trend data and charts for Google (starting 2004) and YouTube (starting 2008) as Keywords Everywhere uses Google Trends. 
Keyword WidgetsWith this tool, you can also see People Also Search For keywords, related keywords, and long-tail keywords and display these metrics within the search pages. 
Traffic MetricsTraffic metrics will show you the top 5,000 keywords that a site or page ranks for from the top 20 search results on Google. You will also get to see the estimated amount of traffic.
Moz Link MetricsMoz Link Metrics shows you backlinks, domain authority, trends, total referring domains, and spam scores.
YouTube MetricsYou can get YouTube metrics on SERPs, search insights, YouTube tags, and video insights with no volume data.
Competitor Gap AnalysisCompetitor gap analysis can help you gauge how well you are stacked up against your competitors. You can see which keywords they rank for and find new opportunities for yourself.
On-Page AnalysisThrough on-page analysis, you can analyze URLs to review the keywords within a page's content and the keywords’ density.
Cost-Per-Click (CPC)You can get cost-per-click insight or how much advertisers pay for a single click on a specific keyword for Google Ads. 
Search VolumeKeyword Everywhere's search volume service informs you of the average number of total searches for a particular keyword over the past twelve months.
Competition NumbersYou can see how many advertisers have created Google Adwords ads for a particular keyword with competition numbers.

Keywords Everywhere’s Pros and Cons

Understanding which of Keywords Everywhere's features are the best and which ones need to be improved can help you decide how to make the most of the system. Here are a few to consider:

Easy to set up and install on browsers like Chrome or Firefox and can be accessed on different devices for as long as you have your API key.Ideal for sifting through and filtering large volumes of data, but not necessarily for analysis.
It can be used on over fifteen search engines. Data can sometimes be inaccurate.  
Budget-friendly, you can start using its free Version before opting for its paid credits.Credits can easily be wasted if you forget to turn off the extension when not in use.

Who Should Use Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere is a fantastic SEO tool for those new to keyword research. With its pay-as-you-go pricing and easy integration on your browsers, there's no wonder it's received such favorable reviews. Here are the people Keywords Everywhere may be most suited for:

  • Content Creators - YouTubers or bloggers can use Keywords Everywhere as it gives you immediate access to the most popular search terms related to your niche. 
  • New Site Owners - New site owners who are still getting the hang of SEO, can begin with Keywords Everywhere to get a feel for keyword research before analyzing the data.

Keywords Everywhere Verdict

Keywords Everywhere is a straightforward and cost-effective tool for keyword research. Although data may not always be accurate and may pale in comparison with other analytical tools, it can give you large volumes of the information you need upfront. 

It also helps that this tool can just be installed on your browser, making it highly efficient to conduct keyword research on the current page you are on. You also cannot go wrong with its affordability and pay-as-you-go pricing plans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keywords Everywhere

Are you trying to discern if this tool is for you? Check out some of these FAQs!

Who Are Keywords Everywhere's Top Competitors?

Some of Keywords Everywhere's top competitors include Keyword Surfer, Live Keyword, and Ubersuggest.

Is Keywords Everywhere Free?

Keywords Everywhere have a load of free features, and you can upgrade your plan and pay for credits to access more keywords and services.

What is the Use of Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere can help you conduct extensive keyword research using your API key across different browsers. You can install this nifty tool as an extension on your browser and begin your research immediately.

Are Keywords Everywhere Safe?

Keywords Everywhere are safe as it has received thousands of positive reviews and has upwards of 750,000 users on the Google Chrome browser alone.

Keywords Everywhere Alternatives

If you feel that Keywords Everywhere may not be the tool for you, check out some of these alternatives:

  • Keyword Surfer - Keyword Surfer is also a Chrome extension that gives you access to keyword search volume and CPCs. It features an exceptional Content Editor that provides related terms you should include in your writing.
  • Live Keyword - Live Keyword also offers pretty much the same services as Keywords Everywhere, allowing you to export the data as a CSV.
  • Ubersuggest - Ubersuggest can also be downloaded on your browser and can give you additional metrics and search options, expanding your queries to see suggestions, prepositions, comparisons, and the like. 

The Keywords Everywhere tool is a great starting point for any content creator or site owner to use for keyword research. Its convenience and affordability make it worth trying given all its remarkable features.  Check out Ready Site today for more reviews about the best tools in the market!

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