Long Tail Pro Review: Services, Pricing and More

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Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool specifically designed to help users identify keywords that have less competition. This can lend support to an SEO strategy by improving their ranking on search engines. Other useful tools include backlink analysis and site audits. 

This Long Tail Pro Review will help users determine whether this keyword tool is the best fit for their needs in terms of pricing, features, and usability. 

 Quick Facts About Long Tail Pro

ServicesKeyword ResearchRank TrackerBacklink AnalysisSite AuditPlug-and-Play Template System 
Pricing Level$ = $100 or less per month
Pricing OverviewAnnual Starter Plan - $297/yearAnnual Pro Plan - $537/yearAnnual Power Pro Plan - $694/year

 Long Tail Pro’s Services

Keyword ResearchLong Tail Pro enables users to enter seed keywords and receive variations and suggestions for those related to your niche. Other features include KC calculations, SERP lookups, and keyword groupings. 
Rank Tracker The Rank Tracker allows users to view where URLs rank on search engine results pages for specific keywords. This can help users detect future trends.
Backlink AnalysisBacklink Analysis helps users review a website’s backlinks to evaluate its performance in terms of SEO and rank. 
Site Audit A Site Audit allows users to check the overall performance of a website and identify issues that can impact its ranking on a SERP.  
Plug-and-Play Template SystemLong Tail Pro provides some users with a complete suite of ready-made templates to speed up and complement your SEO efforts in terms of content planning, keyword research, and publishing. 

 Long Tail Pro’s Pros and Cons

Provides useful keyword research metrics to show users which keywords have low competitionDepending on  your plan, there are limitations for daily keyword searches that can be frustrating for users 
Free 1 hour hands-on training and trial session to help users work on the process of link building and content strategy Lack of search volume trends so it’s difficult to pinpoint seasonal keywords
Affordable pricing structure compared to many of their competitors It is primarily limited to researching long-tail keywords and lacks a broader range of SEO features that competitors offer
The backlink analysis tool is helpful for link building The website can use improvements in terms of user interface 
It is easy to use for beginners to figure out how to use Long Tail ProThe free trial plan is only limited to 7 days then you’ll have to pay for Longtail Pro pricing 
Provides a 10-day money-back guarantee, no questions askedWhile it is a good starter tool, it may not be suitable for more advanced users 

Who Should Use Long Tail Pro?

Like all keyword research tools, Long Tail Pro may not be the best fit for every user. To maximize its set of  features, it is an ideal investment for the following groups: 

  • Freelancers Who Want More Consumer Insight - Marketers, writers, and those who are just starting out would appreciate Long Tail Pro for its ability to find keyword ideas, assess the competition, and save time in the long run 
  • Small Business Owners Who Want to Beat Their Competitors - Those who want to find keywords that are easier to rank in terms of search results would appreciate using the KC score to filter out the more difficult keywords.  
  • Bloggers Who Are Unfamiliar with SEO - For those who are just getting started with SEO, the Long Tail Pro platform also offers a free video course that covers the basics of SEO and how to select keywords for website content. 

Long Tail Pro Verdict

Overall, this is an affordable SEO tool that is suited to beginners who won’t have to struggle to figure out how to use Long Tail Pro. Its major strength is the ability to help users pinpoint longtail keywords that are ​​specific to a particular niche, consisting of three or more words. It also has an interface that is relatively easy to use for beginners. 

However, it is not as full-featured as other more popular SEO tools on the market such as Ahrefs and Moz. Because of this, more advanced users may need to use other tools alongside Long Tail Pro for more sophisticated SEO and content marketing insights. 

Despite this, its accessible price point makes it a good fit for those looking to conduct keyword research and get started with backlink analysis, and learn about the process of SEO as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions About Long Tail Pro

If you still have questions after reading this Long Tail Pro review, these are some of the most common questions that users have. 

Who Are Long Tail Pro’s Top Competitors?

Long Tail Pro’s top competitors include Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and Semrush. 

Is Long Tail Pro Worth it?

Longtail Pro pricing is relatively affordable but it lacks some of the features that other SEO tools have. Because of this, it can be a good investment for beginner SEO users but may not be the best fit for more extensive users. 

Is Long Tail Pro free?

Long Tail Pro offers a free trial plan but it is only limited to 7 days then you’ll have to pay for their annual plan

How much does Long Tail Pro cost?

The cost of the Annual Starter Plan is $297 per year, while the annual Pro Plan is $537 per year and the Annual Power Pro Plan is $694 per year. 

Long Tail Pro Alternatives

Some comparable SEO and keyword research tools to Long Tail Pro include: 

  • Ahrefs  - Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market and has plenty of features for advanced users where Long Tail Pro might be lacking. However, the cheapest plan is $99 per month which may be too expensive for some individuals. 
  • Ubersuggest - The cost is comparable to Long Tail Pro and the free plan provides plenty of features for light users. Its main strength is also keyword research but lacks in-depth site audit tools. 
  • Semrush  -  One of the best all-in-one SEO tools for keyword research, competitive analysis, and rank tracking is Semrush. However, the lowest price is $119.95 per month, which may be excessive for some users.  

In conclusion, Long Tail Pro is best for targeted research into keyword ideas and determining which keywords are most accessible for your needs. The interface is simple and easy to use, even for unseasoned users. However, it may be best to use it alongside other SEO tools to complement its offerings for more advanced users.  

To learn more about which SEO tool is the best fit for your needs, read our other reviews on Ready Site today! 

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