Majestic SEO Review: Services, Pricing and More

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The Majestic SEO tool specializes in backlink analysis that can help website owners improve their online search visibility. They crawl websites to obtain information on the quality and authority of their links and provide valuable insights towards obtaining backlinks. 

This Majestic SEO review will help businesses decide whether this backlink checker is the best fit for their needs. 

 Quick Facts About Majestic SEO

ServicesSite ExplorerLink ContextKeyword GeneratorCustom ReportsCompare Sites
Pricing Level
$$ = $500 or less per month
Pricing OverviewMonthly PlansLite - $49.99/monthPro - $99.99/monthAPI - $399.99/month 
Annual PlansLite - $41.67/monthPro - $83.33/monthAPI - $333.33/month 

 Majestic SEO’s Services

Site ExplorerMajestic SEO’s Site Explorer provides an overview of a website’s existing links by displaying useful metrics such as Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Topical Trust Flow, and External Backlinks. 
Link ContextThe Link Context analyzer provides further information about the crawled links, such as whether it is an editorial link or part of an existing directory, estimated page position, and other surrounding content. 
Keyword Generator Keyword Generator is a new tool that helps users conduct keyword research, providing metrics such as Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty so that individuals can find content ideas and discover relevant advertising terms. 
Custom ReportsThe Pro Plan allows users greater data functionality access such as data extraction from any report, generating data and visuals in an advanced format, and more. 
Compare Sites Majestic Pro lets users get ahead of the competition by allowing users to discover backlink opportunities that their competitors are missing out on and keep track of a specific target over time through the Campaign feature. 

 Majestic SEO’s Pros and Cons

Extensive database of links to provide users with a highly complete backlink profile, going all the way back to 2006 The interface can be difficult to use for those new to SEO and the number of metrics can also be confusing 
Context illustrations showcase your backlinks profile in a visual format when you check the Site Explorer view Support is only provided through blog entries and through UK email support although they are responsive 
The pricing is reasonable given the number of features offered and is even cheaper with the annual planMore technical users may require additional tools for content auditing, specialized keyword research, and site architecture 
It is possible to track website performance in real-time which isn’t the case for other SEO toolsThe Lite and Pro packages are only limited to one user at a time
Majestic SEO provides the ability to evaluate competitor websites and assess their performance in relation to yours Some valuable tools aren’t included in the Lite plan so you may need to upgrade to Pro in order to maximize Majestic SEO’s offerings 

Who Should Use Majestic SEO?

Since Majestic SEO is a highly specialized tool, it can be argued that not everyone can maximize the benefits of using their services. Ideally, clients who would appreciate this tool include: 

  • SEO Specialists Interested In Link Building - Majestic provides extremely detailed data on a website’s backlinks, but it can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with SEO. However, experienced users will appreciate the in-depth metrics to assist with link building. 
  • Large Enterprises Looking For Advanced Data - Majestic’s Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Topical Flow features can provide large enterprises with valuable insights on which websites to cultivate relationships with for SEO purposes. 
  • Business Owners Who Want An Overview Of Their Competition - Majestic allows business owners to analyze the websites of their competitors, which can help them develop a more effective backlink profile and address any gaps. 

Majestic SEO Verdict

Ultimately, the Majestic SEO tool has plenty of unique features that other SEO tools lack in terms of link building, such as their Context Report. Advanced users will appreciate the number of metrics they have due to their extensive database which can help them earn more backlinks from trustworthy and authoritative sources. 

However, they may not offer a complete suite of SEO services compared to some of their competitors unless all you need is a link building tool with limited keyword research capacities. In addition, some customers claim that their user interface can be improved in terms of ease of use and visuals. 

Despite this, their price point is relatively affordable given their current link building features. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Majestic SEO

If you’re still unsure whether Majestic SEO is the right fit for you, here are some of the common questions users ask about pricing and their features. 

Who Are Majestic SEO’s Top Competitors?

Some of Majestic’s top competitors include Spyfu, Ahrefs, and Semrush. 

What Does Majestic SEO Do?

Majestic SEO specializes in helping users with link building and link analysis. They also have secondary features that help with keyword research. 

Is Majestic Free?

Although Majestic only offers paid plans, they provide an example of how their features work on a different website every few days. 

What Is Majestic Citation Flow?

Citation Flow provides users with a score between 0-100 to measure the link equity of a website in terms of link building. 

Majestic SEO Alternatives

Other Majestic alternatives for link building and SEO purposes include: 

  • SpyFu - While Majestic offers more advanced link building features, SpyFu is a better fit if you’re looking into competitor research and advertising needs. 
  • Ahrefs - For users more interested in content planning than link building, Ahrefs is a more fully-featured SEO tool but may be too pricey for individuals or smaller businesses. 
  • SEMrush - Majestic has a deeper backlink analysis compared to SEMrush, but SEMrush may be easier to use for beginners and those unfamiliar with SEO as a whole. 

Overall, Majestic is a good add-on to your current suite of SEO tools if you’re serious about link building, detailed analytics and have the budget for it. It comes at an affordable price point although the learning curve might be a challenge for casual users. However, those looking for an all-in-one SEO tool might need to find an alternative.  

If you’re looking for alternative services after this Majestic SEO review, read on to learn more about other SEO tools on Ready Site today!

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