SECockpit Review: Services, Pricing and More

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SECockpit is a leading tool for keyword research that can help your overall SEO and digital marketing needs as well. It is currently used by thousands of small business owners who are looking to improve their rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Using a tool like SE Cockpit can help you direct more relevant and profitable traffic to your site.

Keep reading for more information in our SE Cockpit review.

Quick Facts About SECockpit

ServicesKeyword ResearchRanking TrackingBidding on Profitable KeywordsData Import/ExportAnalyticsCustom ReportsEmail, Chat, Phone Support24/7 Support
Pricing Level$ = $100 or less per month
Pricing OverviewPersonal - $25/month or $299/yearPro - $42/month or $499/yearAgency - $75/month or $899/year

SECockpit’s Services

Keyword OpportunitiesSECockpit looks for the most lucrative keyword opportunities – including long-tail keywords which are often overlooked. They also get keyword ideas from other sources Google AdWords, Google Suggest Scraper, YouTube Suggest Synonyms, and Amazon Suggest Synonyms.
Keyword ResearchKeyword research is SECockpit’s specialization, and they do so much faster than all other tools since it runs on the cloud. It can deliver around 200 full processed keywords in the span of a minute. It is available in every country and for every language.
Keyword FilteringSECockpit takes charge of mining data so that keywords are filtered in such a way that information is summarized into niches. They can also create folders for grouping keywords according to your chosen labels.
Keyword AnalysisYou can import an existing list of keywords, and SECockpit will do the heavy lifting of conducting a full analysis of each one of them. Full analyses include the top pages that rank for keywords, on-page optimization factors, backlinks, PageRank, among others. Keywords also include Google Search Trends for ideas.
Competitive AnalysisThrough semantic keyword research, you can analyze the keywords that your competitors rank for. This saves you time and resources, as you can begin aiming for profitable keywords. SECockpit also uses MOZ Data to gauge how competitive and strong domains are. You will also be able to see a side-by-side comparison with your top ten competitors. 

SECockpit’s Pros and Cons

Provides extremely fast results, compared to all other competitors. Pricing models of SECockpit are on the pricier side compared to other keyword research tools.
Conducts in-depth competitive analysis from all aspects and angles, without requiring much else on your end.It is mainly used as a keyword research tool, so you may not be able to get much else out of it other than this.
Allows you to multitask with its dashboard as you can shift between different pages seamlessly.
Finds synonyms to keywords so that you can expand your opportunities, with other sources such as YouTube or Amazon.

Who Should Use SECockpit?

As a keyword research tool, SECockpit is quite an investment. There are a few alternatives out there today, but if keyword research and competitive analysis is something you value most for your brand then SECockpit might be for you.

The following people may find SECockpit most appealing:

  • Business Owners Who Belong to Crowded Niches - Since SECockpit is also a fantastic tool for competitive analysis, you can make the most out of it if you own a business in a crowded niche. The tool can help you learn from your competitors’ mistakes and find hidden keyword opportunities that will let your brand shine and gain top rankings.
  • New Business Owners Who Want to Start Strong - If you are a new business owner who wants to start strong right off the bat, SECockpit may be for you. You can immediately rule out strategies that won’t work and save time in determining which keywords are most profitable right away. 

SECockpit Verdict

SECockpit is understandably a top keyword research tool because of how fast it can deliver results, compared to many others in the market. You will not only be provided with a wealth of data and information, but it is user-friendly and intuitive in such a way that you can easily organize this to make it easier for you to access and comprehend.

Aside from giving you this information, SECockpit can guide you in executing data-backed strategies to ensure that you make the most out of the findings, and see your rankings improve. If you are willing to invest a significant amount of money in keyword research and competitive analysis, then SECockpit may be the tool for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About SECockpit

Want to learn more about SECockpit before taking the plunge? Here are some FAQs!

Who Are SECockpit’s Top Competitors?

Some of SECockpit’s top competitors are SEMRush, Ahrefs, Serpstat, SE Ranking, and SpyFu.

What Is SECockpit?

SECockpit is one of the top web-based tools for keyword research and competitive analysis, which you can use for improving your SEO functions and digital marketing campaigns.

What Are Keywords for SEO?

Keywords tell users and site visitors what your content is all about, and this is what they type into search engines. Including these keywords on your site can help you improve rankings and lead visitors to your page.

Who Is SECockpit For?

SECockpit is ideal for business owners who are very much invested in discovering keyword opportunities to apply to their site and want to save time while they are at it.

SECockpit Alternatives

Want to know what your other options are? Here are some alternatives to SECockpit:

  • SEMRush - SEMRush is another top keyword research tool that is easy to use. It has special tools for PPC and SEO research. 
  • Ahrefs - Ahrefs is another really good tool for keyword and competitor research, together with link building, website auditing, and mentions monitoring. 
  • SE Ranking - SE Ranking is ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, agencies, and enterprises. It gives users the chance to receive discounts according to their chosen subscription plan. 

Keyword research is vital to all business owners. If this is something you are willing to invest in, consider SECockpit. Check out our other reviews here on Ready Site if you want to learn more!

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