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Serpstat is a moderately priced and highly comprehensive SEO platform that helps users with keyword research, rank tracking, PPC research, and backlink tracking. They can also help analyze your competition, identify website errors and recommend methods to boost site visibility on search engines. 

This Serpstat review will give businesses and individuals a better idea of Serpstat price points, their pros and cons, and recommended user profiles. 

Quick Facts About Serpstat

ServicesRank TrackerKeyword ResearchWebsite AnalysisPPC Research Site AuditBacklink AnalysisKeyword ClusteringText AnalyticsTeam ManagementSERP Crawling Custom Reports 
Pricing Level
$$ = $500 or less per month
Pricing OverviewMonthly Billing:Lite - $69/monthStandard - $149/monthAdvanced - $299/monthEnterprise - $499/month 
Annual Billing at a 20% discount per month 

Serpstat’s Services

Rank TrackerProvides mobile and desktop results to check the global and local rank of a website, analyze historical data, and display ranking of keywords, tags, landing pages, and customer views 
Keyword ResearchRank keywords by search volume and difficulty to provide insights on what content to create in addition to information on customer intent 
Website Analysis View common keywords with competitors on their website and the cost of these for advertising purposes as well as their traffic sources helping users refine search engine ad campaigns and track changes over time
PPC Research Gain insights on competition and compare domains of various companies in PPC, analyze their landing pages, and more to stay one step ahead 
Site AuditIdentify issues on your website including missing metadata and broken links and inefficient indexing to improve SEO overall 
Backlink AnalysisView the number of websites that link back to your website over a period of time and identify when a competitor has lost backlinks, helping you establish your own in their place 
Keyword ClusteringCreate groups of up to 50,000 keywords to better understand user intent and semantics while removing unnecessary keywords
Text AnalyticsAnalyze your website to identify LSI keywords and synonyms to improve context, check spam levels, and help you create compelling content for readers
Team ManagementMonitor team projects including key metrics such as the volume of external links, SEO errors, while staying on top of  how credits are spent 
SERP Crawling Identify top snippets, compare mobile and desktop search results, and filter relevant data by language, country, region, and city 
Custom ReportsTrack progress and create one-click reports with customizable indicators, graphs, widgets, and charts including white-label branding for clients 

Serpstat’s Pros and Cons

Provides a free trial with limited access and daily credits to try the platform, no bank card is required Some Serpstat reviews claim that keywords with a smaller search volume have limited data compared to other SEO tools they use 
Provides access to training through the Serpstat Academy including video tutorials, consultations, and a user guide Customer service can be highly responsive or take several days to respond 
Includes useful browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera with add ons for Google Spreadsheets and Google Data Studio ConnectorLower tier pricing plans don’t have large amounts of data, especially for keyword position tracking 
Has a wide range of specialized services not typically found in other SEO tools Not as established as some of their competitors but has shown plenty of recent developments and improvements 

Who Should Use Serpstat?

The tool’s ease of use along with the relatively accessible Serpstat price point makes it suitable for a wide range of users, including: 

  • Advertising agencies looking to improve PPC - Serpstat provides detailed insights into how your competitors are using Google Ads, including their keywords, ad placement in search results, and cost per click. This allows users to improve and refine their ad campaigns. 
  • Content marketers and bloggers who want to find keywords - Serpstat helps users create relevant and highly targeted content with keyword research. They provide suggestions and related keywords to topics in your niche, including insight into social shares and web traffic. 
  • SEO beginners who want to increase web traffic - For users unfamiliar with SEO’s complexities, Serpstat provides training through the Serpstat Academy which is accessible through both paid and free plans. Paid users can also get free live training and a virtual assistant. 

Serpstat Verdict

According to most customer Serpstat reviews, users are satisfied by the variety and quality of the SEO tools that they provide. They praise the simple user interface along with helpful graphics and report generation that provides an overview of your data. Their tools are useful for competitor research and site auditing, helping users improve their search engine ranking. 

In addition, Serpstat’s price point is more accessible compared to some of their top competitors but their data restrictions might not be enough for advanced users that require more in-depth analysis. Despite this, Serpstat is a cost-effective tool that provides a range of useful SEO features for those with basic needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Serpstat

If you still have questions after reading this Serpstat review, these are some of the most common questions from customers. 

Who Are Serpstat’s Top Competitors?

Some of Serpstat’s top competitors include Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz Pro.

Is Serpstat free?

While Serpstat offers a free trial, their paid plans offer a greater range of SEO features for users. 

What is Serpstat tool?

Serpstat is an SEO tool that can be used for keyword research, link building, PPC, and more. 

Which Serpstat plan is best? 

The best Serpstat plan depends on the volume of search queries you conduct on a monthly basis. The Lite plan can suit small business owners and individuals while those with bigger teams might need a Standard plan or higher. 

Serpstat Alternatives

  • Moz Pro - Similar to Serpstat, Moz is a good SEO tool for beginners with plenty of features but it comes at a higher price point. It was established in 2004, so the company has plenty of SEO experience. 
  • Ahrefs - Ahrefs is extremely helpful for in-depth backlink and keyword analysis, but also costs more than MozPro. However, it is one of the most popular tools on the market due to its reliability. 
  • Semrush - Semrush is another Serpstat alternative that is better suited for advanced SEO users due to its higher pricing and ability to conduct detailed research on competitors.  

At the end of the day, Serpstat is a great choice for users looking for a complete set of SEO tools on a budget. It has everything bloggers, small businesses, and agencies need to get started and also provides API access. While it is cheaper than many alternatives on the market, it provides comparable services as well as an easy-to-use interface. 

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